Dell 700m laptop with internal speaker complications

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I have a Dell 700m laptop with internal speaker complications. Sometimes they function well but after a while (random time span) they don’t work at all. This is forcing me to use head phones almost the whole day. I once heard somewhere that putting on head phone for long can head to certain health problems.

I have tried to look for ways to solve the problem. I found some tutorials on the web;

Start >
Control Panel >
Sound Speech Audio Devices >
Sound and Audio Devices >
Volume Tab >

Put a Checkmark next to "Put Volume in Taskbar"

Click Apply

(move on to Speaker Settings in the same window you're in by following the steps above)

Speaker Settings > Advanced >
Under "Speaker Setup" there's a drop down list.
Choose "Laptop Stereo Speakers" or "Desktop Stereo Speakers"

Apply > Okay

** Then check your Volume Controls and make sure you don't have anything MUTED.

Do this by RIGHT clicking on the volume control in your taskbar (by the clock) and selecting "Open Volume Control"

I followed the instructions to the letter, not only once but i have tried it a number of times.

The sound drivers and the sound card have no problem at all, i had them checked.  

Please help. i will appreciate.


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Dell 700m laptop with internal speaker complications



This is a common problem that Dell 700m has. This is a defect of design and many people have had the problem. The wires of speakers are not properly assembled and placed into the channels correctly. They will break within 6 months of normal use. You can see that the hinge cover I could see that the speaker wires were actually cut by the hinge on the right (when the laptop screen is facing you).

it is not easy to replace the speakers. Cause some of the screws in LCD are difficult to remove. Contact Dell directly and do not go through ordinary Dell channels and they will get it fixed for you at no cost.

Call Dell Corporate (whichever country you are) and ask for Executive Services. They will connect you with high level Customer Service. If you are the original owner, you will have no problem in getting this fixed.

But before this make sure that this can be the problem with the headphones jack in your laptop. There are contacts inside the headphones jack. When you plug the headphones into the jack, the plug shorts these contacts and the sound switches from the external speakers to the headphones. Apparently, these contacts got stuck in the headphones mode and because of that you cannot hear any sound from the external speakers.
Try plugging and unplugging your headphones a few times in a row, do it fast, it might help to release contacts inside the jack.

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Dell 700m laptop with internal speaker complications


Things in with Dell 700m Laptop is the internal speaker complications. This is because of the designed and how wiring are connected internally.

Wires could have been broken and or wires have cuts. This cause speakers suddenly stop working or in a simple word, it's dead.

Affixing this wires need computer technician that could rewire the wire inside. It requires little effort of doing this if you decide to fix by yourself. This could complicate your life or worse, might create more damage if you gets frustrated. My best advice is to let computer technician do it for you.

Wires inside gets overused and fatigue will come into play. Wires begin to start separating and this caused some fractures. In the end, wires separate into 2 and speaker is dead.

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