Using maximum capactiy in a RAM

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Hello! So when someone says that the maximum capacity of a particular computer is lets say 2 GB, what does this statement exactly mean? What if I have a computer whose maximum RAM capacity is 2 GB but I add more RAM in it, will it work properly or not? What is that factor which decides the maximum amount of RAM that can be used in a computer?

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Using maximum capactiy in a RAM



“The maximum capacity of a particular computer is 2 GB RAM only” this statement means you cannot have more than 2 GB RAM on your particular system.

No, it will not work properly if you add more RAM on it over its limit.

The factors which decide the maximum amount of RAM being used in a computer are as follows:

·         The bits of the computer i.e. 32 or 64 bit CPU.

·         The RAM limit of “Operating System” of the computer.

·         The RAM limit of the “Motherboard” of the computer.

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