Queries on using BARedit and Ultra DMA

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Good day to all of you. I tried tweaking my UX a little. I did not realize that my Mton SSD is an ATA-7 hard drive. I exchanged it with my UX280 and then tried hdparm to view ATA hard disk hardware parameters. The sequential reading speeds went from 73MB/s to 93MB/s. And then, I opened BarEdit to check if I can increase the writing speed. The current sequential write speed is 52MB/s; the average level is 75-80MB/s. On BARedit I went to Bus0Dev31Func1 (Intel IDE controller) – Offset 054. The bit value that was there is 00001011. I assume that is for udma 5, as my UX490 Samsung SSD (udma 4) has a different value of 00000011. I set the value to '11' on for mtron & write dropped to 37 MB/s, about the same as the Samsung. I am asking anyone who knows how to correct bit value for udma mode 6. And if anyone has a native udma6 drive. Thanks a lot

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Queries on using BARedit and Ultra DMA


Hello Victor,

To correct the bit value for udma mode 6, the you should make sure that you do not mix the binary values and the hexadecimal or the decimal values.

Otherwise I will suggest that you to Google and look for ICH7 and PDF, and then look at page 613 of that booklet. There you will find the offset value explained, check the bit numbering too.

Otherwise you may try using 00001001 and see if it will work fine for you, for it works well with an 80 conductor cable together with a 66 MHz base clock.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu


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