SCE Error (Input string was not in a good format)

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I'm creating a software package which can be defined as a single file of type msi as I always get an “ Input string was not in a good format. “ error message and even the package of software is not even created so try to help me in solving this problem.

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Input string was not In a correct format.

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System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.

at System.Number.StingToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer & number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)

at System.Number.ParseInt32(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatInfo info)

at System.Convert.ToInt32(Strng value)

at Microsoft.UpdateServices. Administration.Internal.UpdateServicesPackage.GetMsiInfo(String fileName, Guid& productCode, String& productName, String& productLanguage)

at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.WindowsInstalIerItem. .ctor(String filePath)

at Microsoft.UpdateServices. Administration.Internal. UpdateServicesPackage.PopulatePackageFromWindowslnstaller(String filePath)

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SCE Error (Input string was not in a good format)


If you are trying to create an installation package or a setup package when this error appears, maybe there is a problem with some of the parameters in the installation script. You should check all of the locations of the files that will be executed in the script if all of their paths are correct.

You should check if the texts are entered exactly as it appears in the original file location. There is no room for a typographical error here because it will make the process to suddenly stop because of a missing file or something.

But the truth is, it’s only a mistyped character in the file’s path and the file is really not missing. You should also check if the parameters used on the executables are correct.

You may also try restarting your computer then try again.

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