Use of system codes in C programming

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What is the meaning of system('pause") in the C programming and its usage to the said program?

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Use of system codes in C programming


C is a programming language that is developed at AT & T's Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie who Designed and written it completely and C became popular due to its ease of use and advantages.

Actually coming to your query it is a good one and i hope that you have an idea of threads where they are the simplest piece of executable code in the program.

system('pause") unfortunately generates an error as it is not in the form in which it must be of and pause as well you know that stops the flow of execution temporarily until we resume the flow of the thread.

Thread is the simplest weight of the program and pause,wait,notify are the methods for threads as pause can also be used in the name of sleep.

Hence sleep method can be used anywhere in the program for temporarily stopping the flow of the execution of program until it resumes it works on another method.

Thank You.

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Use of system codes in C programming


Hi there ,

I think you need details regarding the (pause ) statement in C .

It just terminates the execution of the loop or inside the braces temporally until the user specifies to resume it again.This requires the programmer interaction inside the program coding in order to pause and resume . We can use the




method to do such pausing between the codes.

delay we use to determine the pause in milliseconds and the sleep in seconds . in getch we need to type any letter onto the keyboard in order to resume the program.Usually it used at the end to exit the program.

I hope you are clear and your problem is solved.

Good luck.

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Use of system codes in C programming


Gracia and Lesten…

I really appreciate your explanation. Thank you so much..

Techyv has a lot of good technical problem solver.

Hope this site a more power.

Thank you.

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