Where to get online practice questions in c programming?

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Where to get online practice questions in C programming?

I am currently studying C programming language for the second grading examination.

I want to get the highest score for my C programming language subject.

I have to go online and search for the best question and answer sample for C programming as a basis and reference.

Can you help me find some?


Davis Millers.

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Where to get online practice questions in c programming?


Since you are new to C programming and I think you are interested in learning it much further, here is a website that will help you understand major terminologies, functions, commands, techniques, Java tutorial, game and graphics programming, and others.

The author of the site recommends users who are really new to C++ to purchase the eBook “Jumping into C++”. For your free online tutorial on C programming and or to purchase the eBook as well, you may visit Cprogramming Your resource for C and C++.

By visiting the site, you will learn how to program in C, C++, OpenGL, and or STL. The free tutorial the site offers is designed for beginners and contains a lot of examples for you to better understand it including tips and explanations that comes with it.

Here are some of the C++ tutorials available:

  • Intro to C++ (Quiz)
  • If statements (Quiz)
  • Loops in C++ (Quiz)
  • Functions in C++ (Quiz)
  • Switch case (Quiz)
  • Accessing Memory with Pointers (Quiz)
  • Structures in C++ (Quiz)
  • Storing data with Arrays (Quiz)
  • Character Strings in C++ (Quiz)
  • File I/O (Quiz)
  • Typecasting (Quiz)
  • Classes and introduction to object-oriented programming (Quiz)
  • Inline functions (Quiz)
  • Command line arguments (Quiz)
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Where to get online practice questions in c programming?


You can check out for lots of exercises, from basic to advance learning about C programming language. In checking out the site, you will going to be knowledgeable from the basics of C PL and there is also exercises that you can perform with the answer provided in the site.

So whenever you are finished and wants to check if you do it right you can check.

There are also newsletters keeping you updated about what's new in C programming language when you sign up.

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Where to get online practice questions in c programming?

Hello Davis Millers,
If you are a beginner of the C programmer.
Then I would like to suggest you to participate in the following online C programming tutorials.
Then you will find the questions and answers on the this subject.
  • cprogramming.pickatutorial.com |This site is enriched with C/C++ tutorials covering the important lessons regarding variables, data types, expressions, conditionals, structures, functions, file handling etc.
  • phy.ntnu.edu.tw/~cchen/ctutor.pdf | this allows to learn basic of C programming and then how to create a calculator by C/C++
After completion of pure study of C/C++ programming from above sites you will be able to take part in online quizzes. 
You may have to sign up for some of the above websites. You can download online quiz systems from wiziq.com.
With Best Regards
Shifflett Laurel

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