USB wireless adapter causing problem in computer’s performance

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As of the moment, my computer running on Windows XP keeps on crashing. My old computer is connected with a USB wireless adapter for accessing the internet. I do my usual routine of start up and wait for the display in the desktop. For a few seconds after booting my computer, I can hear a repeatedly click sound. And suddenly the monitor screen just goes blank. But my mouse pointer is still alive because it can be seen whenever I move it to the upper left of my screen. Upon investigation, I remove the USB Wireless adapter and it works back to normal. What is wrong with my USB wireless adapter? Where is the problem? 

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USB wireless adapter causing problem in computer’s performance



First thing you need check, make sure that the USB wireless adapter is compatible with XP.  
– If you're already sure that it's compatible, then it might be  the USB wireless adapter driver is not installed correctly.  You need to find the specific driver of the adapter then download and install it on your system.  Once installation is successful, try and connect your adapter again.  
– If it is not compatible, then you have to buy a new USB wireless adapter.
– If you were able to install the correct driver and have tested the USB wireless adapter and still it doesn't work, then test your USB port with another USB device.  Check if your USB port/s are working properly.  If it works then the USB wireless adapter is shot.  
Hope this info helps.

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