USB Flash Drive is not formatting

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Hi! Experts,

I can't format my USB flash drive, as it contains some viruses. I have installed a fully functional Antivirus of Avast, but whenever I try to clean it, the Antivirus shows that there are no viruses. But the USB Flash drive has became unstable to use, nothing is going to copy on it nor is it formatting. I'm so depressed about it. What should I do?


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USB Flash Drive is not formatting


You say that there is some virus in your USB flash drive, but your Antivirus shows you that there is no virus in the drive. There lies the problem! This means that your computer is still infected with the viruses, and your Antivirus is not working properly or I can say that, it is also infected and cannot clean anything anymore.

So, the first thing is you have to remove this Antivirus and Install something like Kaspersky Antivirus, with the latest virus definitions, updates available as on date. Then clean all of your computer drives, to make sure that there is no virus. Then and only then, you should plugin the infected USB flash drive. First completely scan it with that new updated Antivirus. After completing the task and killing those viruses, go ahead and format it.

I assure you that after all this process, not only can you format your Flash Drive but your computer will also be more stable and protected.These are necessary measures for your computer also. So do it right now.

Hope this will help you and relieve you of  your depression.

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USB Flash Drive is not formatting


Try to format it on another computer. But before you do that, DO NOT explore the flash drive. Here's how to do it:

  1.     Put your flash drive on the USB port.
  2.     If the autorun message shows up, asking you to choose the default action, just quit or choose "No Action".
  3.     Open Windows Explorer (by right clicking on the Windows logo at the bottom left corner of your screen, then click "Open Windows Explorer"
  4.     Enable the folder tree view if you haven't by clicking Folders (in Windows XP), or go to Organize > Layout > Navigation Panel (In windows 7)


5. Your flash drive will appear on the bottom of the left panel, if not, just scroll down until you find the name of your flash drive (or it will just appear as "Removable Disk".

6. Right click on your flash drive, Format.

Now, before you can use your flash drive on your computer again, make sure your computer is virus free. Use a good Antivirus to remove it. Make sure the virus definition is up to date. If your Antivirus can't find anything, install another Antivirus, and so on. If none of them find a virus, try to clean them manually.  You can see how to do that here:

Hope it solves your problem.

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