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My computer is not allowing me to open up the files on my removable USB storage device. As i attempt to open the folders this is the warning message that pops up on the homescreen: the filename, directory name/volume label syntax is incorrect. 

The folders appear as this: d,3<3 in these form of characters, instead of the original file names that were created by the user myself.

I really need some advice to what i should do to overcome this problem, please does anyone have any suggestions as i am very concerned that i have lost all my data. Does this mean that the USB has been contaminated with a virus?

I would appreciate the help, thank you.

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Hi friend,

The file you are trying to open in your USB device change into another filename without changing it was caused by a virus, then on the next time you try to open your USB device your all files will be lost. There are ways to recover and restore your files in your USB without deleting any files on it. Follow these steps and this will help you bring back your USB device to its good working status and after this you will that you created filename came back.

1. Go to start menu then you will see a text field then type run then enter.

2. Another text field appears, type cmd then enter.

3. A command prompt appears/black screen.

Command Prompt

4. On the C: prompt type F: then enter. You did this because your USB device is F: drive (if this is what appears in your “My computer” application).

5. Then type start attrib, then Enter.

6. Then type attrib -a -s -h -r  *. * /s  /d then enters.

7. Then open your USB device, you will see all your files including the viruses folder,but don’t worry, you can now manually delete all your viruses.

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There are two possibilities in this case the first one is that your folder is locked by some password software and the second thing is that you have some virus on your removable USB disk.

First you need to scan your computer to clear any virus form your computer and make sure you have not locked your files by some programs to make them effective.

Smith Thompson

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