USB device not recognized by system.

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I have a 2 GB Kingston USB which I used for data transferring and carrying my data with me as I don’t have a laptop. My USB was working fine, but certainly it has stopped working on my PC. Whenever I plug in my PC for data transfer I am unable to do it as my system gives me an error “USB device not recognized”. Is there something wrong with my PC or my USB?

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USB device not recognized by system.


Dear Salman,

Did you check the USB to connect with another computer? If it is work with another computer then defiantly problem is your computer USB port. You can connect this USB to another port. Hope you have 4 USB port with your computer. 2 ports is front side and another 2 port is back side. Please connect your USB at Back side. Hope now you can take decision that where is the problem. Either USB or computer.

Please check this way and if this post helps you to solve your problem then please reply this post with thanks.

Best wishes!


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USB device not recognized by system.


Hi Salman,

I have some solution to your problem, and a few questions before we can trigger the exact solution. 

1. Have you check the device driver for your USB port and devices?

If you answered yes and it was installed properly then we can proceeded to another hint.

2. Try to smell the device it smells like a burned object.

If it was smelly, then I am sure that the device was damage by inserting this to a port with wiring issues. 

Please try to avoid this:

Do not insert your USB device to the front panel of any other assembled computer unless you are the one who made it and you understood the color scheme.

Always insert it to back panel as possible.

It will prevent you from getting errors and having unrecognized device.

Hope it helps! 




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