USB Device Could Not be recognized

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When I connect the External Hard Drive to my computer, it says "Unrecognized USB Device". Sometimes, I also get errors like, "the USB Device is not recognized". But by disconnecting it and re-connecting, it solves the problem.

I don’t feel that this would be possible to me all the time, spending time by unplugging and reconnecting, to make it function properly. So here, I am really looking for someone, who can help me out with a solution for this problem.

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USB Device Could Not be recognized



This seems to be a frequent problem, for all the users who use the USB device on their computer. Here the point of failure may be because of the following:

  • The USB Device driver not installed properly.
  • Faulty cable, that communicates between the External Hard Drive and the Computer.
  • Or USB Device that you are trying to connect, may be damaged because of some Electrical Soldering problems, which may make or may not make contact, when plugged with cable.

So based upon the criteria that we have seen, that mostly cause this problem, let me provide you some troubleshooting, which would be very easy.

First, let’s go ahead and check the Driver for the USB Device.

For checking the USB Device Driver, we need to go to Device manager. In the Device manager look for Universal serial Bus Controllers. If you see any warning indication there, just try to update the driver for USB or else if there is no indication or warning but if you feel that there may be an older version of the driver, just update it and then check whether the problem occurs.

Still if you find the problem to be unresolved. Then try changing the interface cable, that acts as a communication between the USB Device and the Computer.  Most of the time a good known cable solves the problem.

As I said before, if this problem is because of the Device. Then we may not be able to do anything other than, taking it to the manufacturer for service.  But for further knowledge, whenever you plug in or remove the device make sure, you  hold the device firmly and then plug the cable in the right direction.  If it is not seated you may have inserted wrongly and do not force it, where it may make the Device connector to be damaged.

Since you have said that you where able to connect it several times, this could  be a problem with the cable or the hardware .  Most probably cable I guess. So try to change it .

I hope the problem to be resolved.


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USB Device Could Not be recognized


Hey man! your tips really worked out. Thanks for that.

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