Getting an error message with Virtual Box

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Getting an error message with the Virtual Box . I have a Win 2003 Server SP2 installed on my PC. I have a small business and use more of virtual machines rather than real machines. This saves my time in running over to machines for my work.

I am trying to copy a Win XP SP3 machine. I have performed the following:

1. Took a snapshot information first that I need to merge.

2. Made a clone of an existing virtual image.

3. Created a new Virtual machine set up.

But after attempting to create a new virtual machine the following error message pops up:

VitualBox error Failed to open the hard disk

“Failed to open the hard disk, Cannot register the hard disk with UUID because a hard disk with UUID already exists in the media registry”

Am I doing anything wrong in this scenario?

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Getting an error message with Virtual Box



  1. Use the VirtualBox Manage command-line utility the Cline VDI command option to the clone and register the disk image (you can't just copy the disk image to the same host machine because the disk UUID will conflict with the source disk image).
  2. Open a Command Prompt window on the host machine.
  3. Change to the VirtualBox VDI directory (normal C:Documents and Settings<username>.VirtualBoxVDI).
  4. Now run the VBoxManage command with the clone VDI command option. The following example transcript shows the creation of a copy of Ubuntu 8.04. VDI named Ubuntu 8.04 clone. VDI and registers the new disk.


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Getting an error message with Virtual Box


You have 2 Solutions for this error and you should choose one of them as you like and as suitable for you.

The First Solution goes straight to Program Files = Sun = XVM VirtualBox > Vbox Manage internal commands setvdiuuid"D:VirtualMachines. So when you arrive there you need to Clone the VHD Existing and you should know that with this step you will find that generated hard disk is not only copied to a specific location but also you will find that new UUID is created for the disk


The Second Solution Do the same step of the first solution but go to >Vbox Manage clonehd"D:virtualMachines.

And so you need to clone hard disk that is generated in VDI format.

Hope these 2 solutions help you and it's up to you to choose one of them.

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Getting an error message with Virtual Box


Virtual box error is one of the boring error. There is another Techyv's thread which is addressed your problem. So pay a visit that page and get another way to fix this issue.

Virtualbox error 0x80004005 – Windows 7

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