Usage of the Macbook compared to windows laptops

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I have recently bought a Macbook Pro. I am very unfamiliar with the use of the Mac OS X. Having mostly been on windows all of my life, I would like to know the basic commands to operate the Mac. For instance, how to use the usual shortcuts such as the copy and paste commands. Also, what are the main advantages between the Mac OS and Windows OS?

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Usage of the Macbook compared to windows laptops

Here are some basics command that can be help you to operate mac OS.
1. If you want to move desktop then press VO-Shift-D.
2. If you want to quick go to the item then type of first letter of file. Ex: If your file name is name then press n and enter.
3. If you wan to move around desktop then press arrow key.
4. For open an item which is selected then press O.
For copy and paste file and folders:-
Open the finder window and select the file or folder you want to copy.
Copy the file/folder, Press Command C.
Select the location you want to paste.
Press Command V, For paste item.

Comparison between mac and windows OS.
When compared to windows, MAC is more secured and less possibility of viruses.
MAC computer is more expensive in compare to window pc. But you are paying for what you are getting.
MAC operating system is more cleaner and stable in compare to window OS.
In MAC operating system, There are lots OS software options are available. But in window have lesser software options.
MAC has been built with better materials.
In MAC boot time is very less in compare to window.


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Usage of the Macbook compared to windows laptops




The major difference between keyboard shortcuts in OS X and Windows is the use of the “command” key as a modifier key. Consult GUI menus for the shortcuts for common tasks. Familiarize yourself with BASH (bourne again shell) if you would like to manipulate your system on a deeper level. If you are a casual user, OS X is no different from Windows. It just has a slightly different environment that you must familiarize yourself with through daily use and/or literature. Consult the literature bundled with your OS and that which is available on the OS website.


There are no advantages to OS X in comparison to Windows. Your experience with the system depends entirely on how you choose to use it.

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