What should I buy Mac Air or Mac Pro?

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Hi guys,

I'm really confused what to buy Apple Mac Air or Mac Pro.Actually I want laptop which is filled with all the features a graduation student needs and should be light weight.My preference is light weight but don't want to compromise in the quality and feature part also of course we can't doubt its quality after all its Apple product and does Mac Air has all the features that Mac pro has in it.Please help me which one I should buy I'm confused and there is nobody to help out on this in my family so I asked it here.

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What should I buy Mac Air or Mac Pro?


Mac Air

Air is one of the best laptops for daily use (such as keeping photos, browsing the web, etc.). It is the lightest one, and the cheapest one.

Mac Pro

This is for photo or video editing, e.g. Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Music maker like garage band or gaming like the bigger games.

In your student life you will do all your features with the Mac Air. Now think what you will do with your laptop after finishing your student life. You should not depend on only computer earnings, and then Mac Air is the best for you.


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