Usable RAM and Reserved RAM

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Hello everyone! I have 16 GB of RAM installed in my PC, and although the task manager and PC recognize that 16 GB is installed it only tells me that 7.9 GB is usable and 8.1 is reserved. What does this actually mean? And why does it show that only some part of my RAM is usable and the rest is reserved? Any ideas?

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Usable RAM and Reserved RAM


Usable memory will be lower than the total available memory because

Usable memory=total physical memory-hardware reserved memory

But in your case the usable memory is very much less than the total physical memory size. This problem may be due to incorrect selection of maximum memory options. To solve this follow below process:

1.    Open run and type msconfig and then press ok.

2.    In the system configuration page, click on the boot and then click on the advanced option.

3.    Uncheck the Maximum memory check box and then press ok.

4.    Restart the system and verify. This will increase your usable memory size.


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