Computer speed is very slow

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I have brought my new PC. Its RAM is of 3GB and harddisk is of 320GB but still my computer speed is very slow. I regularly defragment my drives. Use C-cleaner to delete garbage.

I also have AVG software(Antivirus) which I update regularly. But still my computer's speed is not improving.

Can anybody guide what other things can I do to make my computer speed fast?

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Computer speed is very slow


Hi Joe4,

Here's how to speed up your computer's performance, just follow the steps:

1. Make sure your hardware is sufficient

2. Clean your desktop

3. Scan your Windows System for errors

4. Scan for Viruses, Spyware and Adware

5. Uninstall unused programs

6. Adjust Visual effects for better performance

7. Don't automatically start programs

8. Defragment your hardware

9. Reinstall the operating system and programs

But before you reinstall the operating system, you should have to back-up all your important files.

Hope these solutions will speed up your computer.

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Computer speed is very slow


Hey Joe4,

I read your problem. It is really weird when a high speed computer performs like that,  though I have some solutions.

1. Disable those useless startup programs to increase your computer speed.

2. Try to delete temp folders.

3. Do not save large files on drive C.

4. Run Defrag. Open My Computer and right click your C drive. Select tools, then Error Checking. Click yes to schedule a scan and reboot.

5. Check your Drive C total free space. If it's almost full try to delete some unnecessary files and always try to make huge space in drive C.

Hope those tips will help you.

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Computer speed is very slow



I have some simple techniques that will help you to improve your PC speed.

It is more necessary that you need to know your PC configuration such as your processor speed, Motherboard bus speed and quantity of RAM. Basically PC speeds depends on this these three types of matching. If Motherboard bus speed is too low then your PC speed can decrease.

Few steps to speed up your PC performance –

  1. Use effective updated Antivirus.
  2. Don’t use C drive to store any media files & software and keep clean desktop from unwanted files.
  3. Always refresh computer.
  4. Turn off automatic windows update.
  5. Uninstall unwanted programs.
  6. Turn off auto star programs.
  7. And so on.

If these are not sufficient to speed up your PC then reinstall the Windows operating system. While reinstalling your PC, format C drive. Don’t repair it.


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Computer speed is very slow

  1. Keep your Antivirus program updated.

  2. Update device drivers.

  3. Uninstall all unwanted programs.

  4. Repair Windows registry, disable background services, limit your startup items using Reginout.

It should help.


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