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I am interested in upgrading my CPU processor which is a Dual Core 2180 (2.0 GHz) to a core 2 Duo.

To do this I used ASUS V-P5G31 MO Bo which has 800FSb but someone gave me another option of e7500 when I tried it, it showed FSB of 1066 MHz I was wondering if my current MO Bo will support it?

 Anyone who has any idea about this? Please give me your opinions.  

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Hallo User,

You haven’t mentioned about which one you are using or you want to use in your computer. If you want to use your current Motherboard Asus V P5G31 then I will say it’s not enough to run Core two Duo. The G31 Motherboard doesn’t support Core two Duo processor. Even it’s not enough for Duel Core 3GH processor.
And another one that e 7500 is also not good to run Core Two Duo processor. But still if you want to use then you can use it. My suggestion is to use a appropriate one for your computer like Asus P7H55 MLX or Asus P5P43TD P43.