PC screen freezes when left idle for about 30 minutes

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I am experiencing quite a strange thing with my PC. Nobody around has experienced it or even heard of it. The problem is that my screen freezes when left idle for about 30 minutes. I have to keep a video or music file playing to avoid the problem. When i leave it idle for 30 minutes, the screen freezes and locks up completely.

The only way to get out of this situation is to press the power button in until the PC shuts down. You can then restart it and i will function well, but the idleness is a problem. I am wasting most of my time rebooting and waiting for the windows to load. I am a busy man and time is a really precious commodity for me.

I had the RAM checked completely deleted all temporary files carried out registry scan and disk clean up. Carried out disk fragmentation, reinstalled new mouse and keyboard drivers, removed all the virus- scanning softwares

I confirmed the problem is not brought about by cooling because i have enough fans installed. I did all these hoping to find the solution, but all was in vain. I have run out of ideas. I am running on XP Pro, ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon AGP graphics card if these can be useful.

I will be grateful of any assistance.

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PC screen freezes when left idle for about 30 minutes


Hi Johnston Weeds,

  • It seems that all the solution which I'm going to supposedly tell you are already elaborated in your post.
  • Everything are given, so what do you do now?
  1. Be patient if the errors occurred again try waiting a few seconds to see what actually happens. Often, such a freeze is a temporary thing and everything will start functioning again in a perfectly normal manner in a few short moments.
  2. Try to scan your computer to a valid license anti-virus software. Scan your computer because I'm pretty sure that the cause of freezing is the virus (Spybot search and Destroy, ACG Anti Virus, CCleaner, Kaspersky ets, Symantec, etc.).

If the error still exist, Here's another tips to solve the problem:

  • No screen saver installed.
  • No power management, ACPI is unchecked in BIOS.
  • Complete RAM check.
  • Deleted all temp files.
  • Registry scan & clean up.
  • Hard Drive diagnostic scan.
  • Ran Check disk.
  • Defragged the hard drives.
  • Installed current mouse & keyboard drivers.
  • Made certain that this was not a cooling issue – numerous fans installed.
  • Installed current drivers for all components.
  • Eliminated hybernation.
  • Ran msconfig and did a clean boot troubleshoot.
  • Deleted all virus scan software.

I hope this will help.


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PC screen freezes when left idle for about 30 minutes


Hi Johnston,

I think your desktop is windows 7 or vista, am I correct?

Well I can’t say it’s a part of the feature of the said OS, because even you configure the Power Option under the Control Panel, and disable all the power saving mode the computer is still hibernating, I also using windows 7 so that I know also this kind of problem.

But in a long run, I find a way how to avoid this problem, by turning off manually the monitor, I don’t know how to explain it, but It doesn’t hibernate anymore when you turn off your monitor or pushing the power button off.

Try and test it yourself, It might also work with your desktop problem.

Good Luck.

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