Update Problem – Looking for solution

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Hello friends, I am using 1 password for quite some time now but now I want to update it, and my system won't allow me to do it.

I always get the following error message on my screen:


Setup has detected that Internet Explorer (or Windows Explorer) is currently running. Please close all instance of – Internet Explorer – Windows Explorer Then click OK to continue, or Cancel to exit.

Alternatively, you might want to restart your computer, and try again. OK Abbrechen I don’t know what it means when I don’t even have the internet explorer installed on my system. However I am using Windows explorer on my system. What should I do to get rid of the error?

Your suggestions are awaited. Regards,


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Update Problem – Looking for solution


Hi friend,

you did not clarify that which password you want to update is it your computer password or another, ok need not to worry then i am here to solve your problem  I think it is not a major problem sometimes when you want to update your password some confirmation and programs need to stop or need to restart you pc just it. If you didn't restart your pc then do it and i think your problem will be solved.

One more think if you want to change any account password which can be your bank account or any type of account password then first you confirm that the password is saved then explorer can want to confirm it and for that reason many times some unexpected problem can be shown to you. If you need to restart your pc then just restart it and you will get fixed your problem.


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