Unknown error appearing on the PC screen

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The computer of my girlfriend has been experiencing a problem, and this appears on the screen: ***stop: Ox0000007E (OxFFFFFFFFC0000005, OxFFFFFA600299DFB8, (XFFFFFA600299D990). I have tried reformatting the system, but still, the problem is the same. Maybe there are some components or, if not the components, maybe the system has been damaged. Please help us find the exact solution for this problem. 

Thank you.

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Unknown error appearing on the PC screen


What to do to resolve this is to boot from the system and start recovering console. If recovery console has never been setup before you can run it from your setup CD. Follow this to install recovery console insert Window XP CD/DVD in the CD drive, click start then run, in the open box type D:i386winnt32exe/cmdcons. In the dialog box that appears click 'Yes' to set up console.

Windows Setup

Once you get to the repair screen then follow these steps.

1. Type the command CHDIR & NtUnistallKB977165$spuninst

2. Type this command BATCH Spuninst.txt

3. When done typing the command exit.

To protect your system in the future against the blue screen check https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/979682/microsoft-security-advisory-vulnerability-in-windows-kernel-could-allo.

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Unknown error appearing on the PC screen


Hi Penny,

Good day! To make sure that your girlfriend's computer memory is not bad or has been corrupted, You can run the memory diagnostic. I also suggest you to disable the computer's automatic start on the system failure by going to windows advance boot option. And then get the error codes. To disable your computer's automatic restart, set your computer into SAFE MODE.

You can also eliminate your basic device drivers and the default settings as possible causes if the problem doesn't appear once you start your computer in SAFE MODE. Another option is that you can start your computer with advance features which is being used by IT or system administrator. You can visit the link below to be able to do the advance feature set up.


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