Unable to reinstall Google Sketchup.

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I've faced a small issue about a program in my laptop. I’ve searched Google for solution, but failed to find something useful, so I wish that someone here can help me. Yes, I am not the computer expert guy, so, if I made a mistake it’ll lead me to errors. I'm running GoogleSketchup everyday, and I’m using it on both my PC and a laptop. Last month, I tried to install this in an external 1GB memory stick, and I had all saved files in there to load them from any PC. Unfortunately I made a mistake to format the stick and my files were all deleted.

So I wish to reinstall it to my system, but, may be because of I’ve used my laptop for install this in memory stick, I found Sketchup in “Add Remove Programs list”. I’m lack of “Google Sketchup” folder in my Program files because I install it somewhere in other directory.

PROBLEM is: While I was trying to uninstall it, an ERROR appears. And when I click the “fix” button, it requires me to browse an .msi file for the reason of reinstalling the program automatically. While trying to install it from the .exe file, a loading screen appears and then an error message generated. Then it says to finish the procedure without reaching the last step of the installation! The folder path 'Application Files' contains an invalid character. Add remove programs An error occurred during installation.

Please tell me if anyone had faced the same problem, and how to fix it!

Thanks in advance for the reply.

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Unable to reinstall Google Sketchup.


Hi Pattrick,

"The Folder Path Contains an Invalid Character" or "Error 1324" is usually caused by an invalid character in the profile of the current user of the PC.

To determine if your user profile contains an invalid character you can navigate to "C:WindowsProfilesYour User profile" check the profile name for any invalid characters. If you find an invalid character your profile may be damaged.

To fix this damage you can either turn off user profiles then run the installation or you can run the installation under another non damaged user profile.

To run under another profile log off and use another user account. and to turn off profiles go to the control panel then User accounts and choose turn user accounts control on or off and uncheck the user account control option then press OK and then try to run your installation again.

Hope this helps.


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