Show the download toolbar in Google Chrome

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Hi guys!

I’m using Google Chrome as my default internet browser. I found it very useful to have the download toolbar to be shown when it’s downloading something.

Unfortunately, I clicked the ‘X’ mark on the right-side of the bar. Now, I want to bring it back so that I can see the download progress for my file. I know that I can click the wrench icon or use Ctrl + J to open it again, but it will just show the downloaded files on a new tab.

I want it back so that I can see it anytime, even if I transfer from one tab to another.

For your assistance please.



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Show the download toolbar in Google Chrome



I myself, like you have made the mistake of accidentally clicking on the x by the download shelf and turned off the download bar. However,  you can easily re-enable the download shelf by downloading another file.

If the prior download has not finished yet, it will still be present on the download shelf until you exit out clicking on the x again.

 There has been a lot of discussions regarding the download shelf to be configurable by users.  

This has been an ongoing issue between the Chromium developers and the users.

A lot of Chrome users usually would like the download bar gone altogether, but there has been some features discussed that you might want to participate in and provide your feedback.

Just visit the current forum regarding the download shelf in Google Chrome.

Visit the forum.

Happy computing!

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Show the download toolbar in Google Chrome


Halle James,

To resolve that in Google Chrome, you will need to use the following procedure:

  • First you will need to launch the program Google Chrome.
  • And then you will click on the Wrench icon on top right corner of the browser.
  • After that you will need to choose Settings from the drop down list. That  will open a window that has Google Chrome settings.
  • You will need to locate the area that says "Search". You should get that in the middle part of the page.
  • And then you will click on Manage search engines. A list of Search engines including the default one will appear.
  • You will need to move your mouse over to your preferred search engine and then click Make default.
  • After that, you will need to remove Searchqu Toolbar from Google Chrome, you will need to mouse-over to that item and click on the X mark.



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Show the download toolbar in Google Chrome


If you accidentally click the “x” mark of the file you are downloading I’m not sure if there is still a way of recovering or restoring that file which is not yet finished downloading. Of course, pressing on the wrench icon on the web browser brings up the download tab but incomplete downloads that has been deleted from the list will surely not show up.

This is also my problem in Opera when I accidentally clicked the Delete button on my keyboard while a file is downloading and is displayed in the Download tab. It is not actually an accident and was quite intentional. I want to see what will happen if I press the Delete button while it is downloading.

I thought I can easily display that progress bar again but unfortunately after searching different pages in Opera’s official website I found nothing to restore unfinished download files.

The next thing that comes to my mind was to download that same file again and simply rename the new download to something else and then rename the unfinished file with the name of the new download and then possibly resume where it last stopped. So what I did was download that same file again and then paused it a few seconds after it started.

I then went to the folder where the file is being saved and renamed it by adding a few characters at the end of the filename making it from “” to “”. After that, I copied the original name of the new download “” and then used it to rename the unfinished download.

It did finish the file from downloading and started where it last stopped but unfortunately the file inside the zip became corrupted. I still was able to watch the video but several minutes at the end of the video was not available because of the file corruption. If this is what happened to you then it would be best to start again the download and let it finish completely.

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