Unable to log in to a website via FTP

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Hello! I am working as a web designer and I am currently engage with designing a business page. But I am having issue connecting via FTP. I could not log in with the page to start editing my HTML files. What can I do? Help please. Thank you.

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Unable to log in to a website via FTP


You are using FTP and you cant get connected with it.
Okay, lets have some options for not getting connected .

If you are running Windows firewall software,it may be blocking the FTP connection.
Try disabling it temporarily and see if the FTP connection is successful.
If you can connect with the firewall software disabled,
then you'll need to configure the firewall to allow FTP connections.
Do re-enable the firewall software to protect your system .

If you still have problem try using the Windows command line FTP client to establish a connection
to the FTP server.

    Select START | RUN
    Enter "cmd" and select OK
    Type "ftp hostname" at the prompt
    Press enter.
if the server responds you'll see "server is connected " that you wish to connect

Still you have problem don't hesitate to  ask.

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Unable to log in to a website via FTP


You need to correctly enter the host name and password to solve this issue. If you are using a file manager to access files over a network then you need to check that you are using a valid password and your service provider provide the service for this service. You have access on your cpanal if it is supported by the service provide.

Ftp can be done in many ways if you are using a software then you can access and upload your files by that software and it is the easy way to upload your files in a service provider website. Although if you are using a ftp file manager then you can see that you have configured it correctly and this will help you to correctly configure your account.

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