Discover open ports on remote hosts

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I have equipments that are installed in different places and I use carrier to interconnect the equipment. Some Port's (TCP) need to be open for an application that must be function correctly. According to my network administrator of the carrier that these ports are open in my router.

Place 1: have the following IP
Place 2: have the following IP

The question is, How can I verify that this port are open?, suppose that the application is properly installed.

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Discover open ports on remote hosts



Hi there,
There is a very easy way from which you can easily verify that your ports are opened or not!
You can try this website for 3rd party tools to get you verified about opening of ports " "
However I am also going to tell you about manual method how to check your ports,
You can use "Telnet" with this address " 8080 ".
"" here it is meant as a "Local Host", don't get confuse.
Another method is go to this URL " "
This page will serve you as a free utility to verify your port status, whether its open or closed. It will be useful for users who wish to check to see if a server is running or a firewall or ISP.

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