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I installed the latest version of Skype on my PC few days ago. I am new on Skype, so I went for an echo/sound test voice. I clearly heard the voice of the operator and everything went well.

The next day, I added one of my friends on Skype and tried to make a call. He was online but I was unable to hear him. I checked my headphone, speaker, and microphone and everything works fine!  Is there any solution?

When I chatted in Facebook, my messages were not sent. If I press enter from keyboard or send button from the site, the cursor goes to the next line and the message was not sent. How can I solve the problem?

I installed Skype in my system and it’s working properly. But today, I install Google Chrome in my system but it generated error. Now Add-on problem appears. I don’t know how to remove this problem. I also click at link but can’t find solution. Now, both Skype and Internet explorer are not working. Please tell me the solution.

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Unable to hear friend's voice?  No voice can be heard after checking your speaker, headphone and mic?  Well, here's what you have to do:

Follow these steps for  voice quality in Skype website containing a video. It is simple with a step by step process to solve your problem.

1. Just click in  

2. Scroll down till you see Solving your call quality issues

3. Then click on the third video- Can't hear your friend's voice on Skype?

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First Remove/uninstall your skype

Restart the PC then Install it again and upgrade skype.