Gtalk crashed: Receiving internal error

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Dear All,

I recently got an extra job online and it requires me to install Google Talk. As per my employer, we will have to communicate using this instead of him calling me on the cell phone. This way, it will cost him less.

Going back to my problem, I was able to use Google or Gtalk for a month. However, suddenly Gtalk crashed and I am receiving an error stating that it encountered an internal error and needs to be closed. Of course, I do not want to report to Google. As much as possible, I want to fix the issue first online. This is the reason I posted this problem. I do not know if anybody encountered the same issue, but I tell you, reinstalling it would not fix the problem.


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Gtalk crashed: Receiving internal error


I have read the problem that you have with gtalk. When an application crashes, there are instances that this application will no longer be functioning on the computer. 

The best way for us to resolve the issue is to have the Google talk software be uninstalled on the computer and then reinstall it back.

Here are the steps on how to uninstall Google talk on the computer:

Click the Start button at the lower left corner of the screen

Click Control Panel

A screen will load up with all the programs installed on the computer, look for Add/remove programs (for windows XP) or Uninstall Programs (windows Vista or 7), then click it

Another window will load up with the list of application or programs installed on the computer. We need to look for Google Talk or Gtalk application then click it ones

Click the remove/uninstall button at the top part or upper part of the screen

The uninstallation screen will load up; we just need to follow the steps to uninstall the application.

After uninstalling the application, let’s reinstall the Google talk again and here are the steps:

Open the Internet Explorer

Go to the address bar and then access the website:

Hit Enter

Search for Google talk on the search bar and then hit enter

A list will load up, look for Google Talk Beta

Click on Download just underneath it

It will go to another screen, we need to look at the right side of the screen and then click Download Latest Version, then the download will start

Follow the steps that you will see on the installation screen

After installing it, you should be able to use the Google talk again without problems

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Gtalk crashed: Receiving internal error


Hi, don’t worry we solved your problem.

If it error occurred during the chatting on Google chat then it possible that the Google team work on it. It also possible that they disconnect the application from the network for a while. Reset your phone and restart the PC. It may be your network connection cause some problem or network connect and disconnect issue.

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Gtalk crashed: Receiving internal error


Hi good afternoon I am henry a computer network technician, I read your issue about  GTALK encounter some error and I willing to help you to solve this kind of issue, my advice in this kind of issue is to uninstall the program of GTALK.

And download the new version of GTALK. Make sure it is compatible to your system.

Try to visit in this site:

The following steps to uninstall Gtalk program.

1. Click the Start menu

2. Find the Control Panel

3. Click the icon name add and remove program.

4. Select and click the Gtalk icon

5. Click the remove or uninstall

6. Restart your computer

Then after that install your new version of GTALK software.

Please try it.

Thank you and more power



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