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I use netvu observer to try and connect to a DS2 DVRT, but I can't, and it is driving me insane.  I am unable to connect through network admin or viewer.  Should I have to upgrade the firmware from my current version, which is 3.1 (netdvtr)?  

According to a website that I visited, it is compatible. Can you please help me? This is the error message I get: "unable to retrieve list of cameras from the video server! check the name or ip address of the video server, and that you are connected to the network.”

When I try and connect over a LAN, it accepts my login information. This is the message I get:

Warning: Unable to retrieve list of cameras from the video server! Check the name or IP address of the video server, and that you are connectedto the network. OK.

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I tried visiting the web site where NetVu ObserVer can be downloaded and then searched for the installer applicable with your device but unfortunately I was unable to find your camera’s model there.

There is one somewhat similar with your camera’s model but it is DS2 DVTR and not DS2 DVRT which is your camera’s model and the one you have.

You can check the site for your self and find the appropriate program for your camera. This might fix the problem you are having right now. To check the list of the software you can download for your camera’s specific model, you may visit Dedicated Micros — Software Download Area.

I think you mistyped your camera’s model when you posted your question here. Just verify and select your camera’s model from the site to download the correct firmware for your camera.

Sharath Reddy