Ubuntu Os Is Booting Instead Of Windows 7

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I have been using Ubuntu for a while now. However, I found out that I have an extra Sata port for another driver. So I decided to uninstall Ubuntu and delete its partition. I replaced the whole drive with Windows 7 OS.

When I was about to finish, I restarted my laptop; but while doing this, an error displayed saying, “error: no such partition.”

The problem is, I do not have the installer for Windows 7, and rather what I have are the recovery discs that I had previously made. I would like my laptop to boot Windows 7 and not Ubuntu. Please advice on this.

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You will start by resizing your windows partition with vista 7  and server 2008 using disc management to shrink and extend partitions on the fly.This might take time up to 30 minutes to finish just be patient.

Once you are done resizing the windows then insert your windows cd and boot. You will see the installation button select whatever it is that you want to do.

Answer the prompts about your time zone and the language you want to use and press continue. At this point you are successful with your booting.

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You made a bad decision when you decided to uninstall Ubuntu and delete its partition without checking first the other hard drive if Windows 7 that is installed on it is really working or not.

You have no choice now but either to get the installer for Windows 7 to install the operating system properly or to bring back Ubuntu since you don’t have the installer for Windows 7.

You can not use the recovery discs that were created for Ubuntu to fix the problem that you encountered in Windows 7. It will only worsen the problem in the current hard drive.

If you really want to use Windows 7, grab a copy of its installer CD. Otherwise, remove the hard drive that contains Windows 7 and connect the other drive again where Ubuntu was previously installed and then install Ubuntu again.

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Hallo Ricky,

When installing windows 7, did you perform a full clean installation or you left the ubuntu files on the partition and put windows 7 on the same partition? Because if you did not completely remove ubuntu files, then your system is in dual boot mode whereby you can boot either using windows or ubuntu.

To remove ubuntu completely, run the windows 7 installation again but when you reach at a point where you are required to format the partition, ensure that you format completely the partition that has ubuntu before installing window 7 files on it.

This will ensure that the ubuntu files are completely removed.


Mahesh Babu

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If you wish to run Windows 7 instead of the Linux operating system that you have been using, then you need to have a Windows 7 installer on hand and use it to install the Windows 7 operating system into your machine. You can purchase one from Microsoft Online:
Or you can visit your local computer retail stores and they should be able to sell you a licensed copy of the operating system. I suggest you install Ubuntu back so that you can use your computer while you wait for your copy of Windows 7 to be available.
Thank you. Hope it helps.
Clair june

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