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Ubuntu Linux 12.10 which will be known as Quantal Quetzal is going to release on April 26, 2012.

I want to know who is the founder of Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu is another Operating System constructed on the Debian Linux distro. This is dispersed free and open source program utilizing its very own desktop settings. Ubuntu was named from a Southern African philosophy of Ubuntu which means "Humanity towards others". This is structured mainly for personal computers but there are also server editions available. This is sponsored by Canonical LTD, a company from UK owned by an entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth.

Canonical LTD make profits on selling technical support and services all connected to Ubuntu. But the OS is completely free of charge. The Ubuntu project is dedicated to the standards of free software development; people are advised to utilize free software and then enhance it and pass it to the next generation.

Ubuntu is a branch of the Debian project's code base. The initial purpose of the Ubuntu developers was to make an easy to use Linux desktop with innovative releases scheduled on a foreseeable 6-month basis, which results to a frequent system update.

Ubuntu was first published on October 20, 2004. From then, Canonical LTD published new Ubuntu versions every 6 months aiming to support each release for the whole 18 months by giving security fixes, patches and updates. It has many software packages and the majority has a free software license.

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In 1999, Mark Shuttleworth sold his company THAWTE for approximately $500 million. After traveling to space in 2002, he started his UBUNTU project. UBUNTU came from an African word "Humanity to others" In 2004, Mark Shuttleworth funded the development of Ubuntu. A Linux distribution based on Debian through his company Canonical Ltd.

In 2010, Shuttleworth stepped down as the CEO of Canonical and passed his seat to Jane Silber, COO of Canonical since 2004.  He continued working at the company focusing on Linux product.

Shuttleworth gained a global fame in 2002 as the second self funded space tourist and the first African in space. 

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The founder of Ubuntu is Mark Shuttleworth  works at Canonical which is the  company that deals with the selling of commercial rights of ubuntu. This operating system is for free which can be used on servers and desktops and even laptops It can be used in the homes, banks, schools and hospitals. Mark is a graduate from the University of Cape Town where he studied finance and information Technology. After college he founded That a company that dealt with cryptography and digital certificates which was later acquired by VeriSign. He went on and founded HBD and later created Shuttleworth Foundation which funds innovative projects in the society like the Ubuntu project.

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Hi, Ubuntu is a free operating system sponsored and trademarked by Canonical. Ubuntu is built around the Debian Linux distribution desktop using Unity.

Ubuntu was developed to be a user friendly, intuitive and safe at the same time, it is a set of free software and it available for free for individuals and even for companies, and upgrade version is available every 6 months. Estimations shows that Ubuntu is being used by around 25 million users, Ubuntu is available for use with PCs, Laptops and there is even a special edition that can be used with a serve.

Thank You.