Turbo C screen problem on Windows 7

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I use Windows 7 in my home personal Computer. Recently i install Turbo c on it.

I don't know why my computer show small screen of turbo c.

Do you tell me how i get large screen on my Windows 7 for 32 bit?

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Turbo C screen problem on Windows 7


Hi there Priyadarshi,

Will give you step by step and the simplest way in running your Turbo C in windows 7 in full screen, as far as I know Turbo C is not supported with version 3.0 in Vista, and really it’s ridiculous to work with a small screen when you can also have a full screen right? Follow these steps I will also attached a picture for reference.

I guess when you try to run Turbo C in Windows you will get an error message refer the image below:

  • A dialog box that appears when running TC in Win 7.
  • A forced compromise and we need to opt into Net Beans DOS Box or IDE method.
  • Just run Turbo C in small screen, Run your Turbo C in safe Mode of windows 7. That’s it.
Turbo C++ IDE console Turbo C++ IDE run window
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Turbo C screen problem on Windows 7



First of all open the turbo C. The solution to this is simple, just when the window is ready to use press Alt +Enter and it will appear in Full screen. To minimize the turbo C window press Alt +Enter again.

I hope you know how to navigate all through the turbo. Click F to pull down the File menu. Go down using the down arrow, click enter after selecting the item on the list which interest you. To move one step back just press Esc. Twice press Esc twice.

To run the program press Alt +F9.

What else can I say? Success with the programming.

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