Troubleshooting Imgburn and DVD Decrypter (I/O Error)

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I have made around more than 100 backup DVD copies first with DVD shrink and then DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn. For your information, I have the newest version of ImgBurn and newest supported firmware in my DVD burner. Till now TY02 discs are my best choice. I have never experienced a bad burn but suddenly anyhow I am getting I/O errors. I thought may be there are problems on the discs and consider them as being faulty.

But I am getting perfect burns using the same discs and software in another burner on my desktop. Then I have checked both DVD drive and hard drive, the both are DMA enabled. I have also tried burning at slower speeds than 8x but again getting the same I/O errors.

Now I really don't know what to do, could anyone provide me any kind of help?

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Troubleshooting Imgburn and DVD Decrypter (I/O Error)


Hi Shara Reese,

I/O errors in burning images into CD’s or DVD’s is a common error in Dell Computers. This has been a problem to dell users in burning images into CD’s or DVD’s. Well, optical drives in dell are the most causes of this problem. Their optical drives are too much outdated.

They release firmware upgrades pretty late; thus, arising to certain problems in their hardware. This is probably why you experienced this kind of error to.

To avoid it, you will have to upgrade your optical drive or your burner’s firmware. Just locate the firmware upgrade in Dell’s website. After upgrading your firmware, try burning an image again.

Try it at a speed of 6x or 8x.

Hope this works.

Mathew Joni

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