Trouble logging in to Windows Live Messenger 9 (2009) build 1202

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Microsoft recently published Windows Live Essentials Beta a totally renewed Windows Live Pack which has several different services and modernized software programs like Windows Live Messenger 9 which has been modernized to build 14.0.8050.1202 better known as Windows Live Messenger 2009 build 1202.

Everyone adores exploiting the newly published software program since our enthusiasm to utilize the fresh attributes, same as the situation with Windows Live Messenger operators. Once Advancing Windows Live Messenger to Build 1202 several operators begun recounting issues at the same time attempting to logon or sign-in to Windows Live Messenger 9 (2009) build 1202. 

Does the problem lie within their network connections or is the server network unavailable?

Or does it have to do with the software?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Windows live Messenger

We were unable to sign you into Windows live Messenger Beta, possibly because of a problem with your Internet connection, Please try again later.

Windows Live Messenger has made several failed attempts to sgn you in. oiJr firewall may be blocking Windows Live Messenger from connecting to the service Please review your firewall settings. See the retailers instructions for more information.

Error codo 80072745

Windows Live Messenger Beta

Signing in to Windows Live Messenger Beta failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please t again later.

Error code: 81000451

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Trouble logging in to Windows Live Messenger 9 (2009) build 1202



Dear Lin Lyna,

You are trying to use windows live messenger beta, but it showing networking connection problem.

Here is some information for you.

** Beta version is not the full version or complete version. It launched to observe users demand, problems facing by user etc.

** This Live messenger beta version is also like others. It is under construction. After getting good feedback it will launch as main version, but if feedback is not good then they will not launch it.

** This may be a cause of your problem. Try to use another version.

** If the beta version has no problem, then you have problems in your computer. It may be caused by your antivirus software. Please disable protection and try it.

I hope your problem will be solved.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

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Trouble logging in to Windows Live Messenger 9 (2009) build 1202


Although beta versions of softwares are usually in trial phase so certain errors and discrepancies might creep out but its not so common seeing problems with beta versions. Your problem might be a general problem, or might not be. Better check out the settings and preferences, maybe there is a mistake on your side that might help.

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