I Require Examples Of Email Address List.

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Hey all,

I have to create a Gmail ID, but when I enter the Email ID, it shows that it’s not available. I don’t know what to do. Can someone provide me the Examples of Email Address List that can be genuine?

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I Require Examples Of Email Address List.



There are a lot of users that use Gmail. Every time you enter an Email ID that matches with an Existing Email ID, then it shows the message that the Email Address is not available. You can use Email Addresses that are a bit more unique. I would suggest you to enter random numbers in the Email ID that you can remember. For e.g. put the Date of birth. If your name is John Smith, then go for the following.

1)   [email protected]

2)   [email protected]

I suppose you get the idea from the above two Email Addresses.

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