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Author: Mathew Horne
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Hi experts,

I returned back using Windows XP because it serves me better than Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 (original and R2), and Small Business Server 2008. They are not as user-friendly as Windows XP.

In Server 2008, I'm trying to expand a folder tree in the folder panel via Explorer. For somewhat reason, it treats me badly.

Sometimes, I scroll up randomly so that most of the child folders are off the bottom even if they would have all been visible before scrolling. I'm wondering how to get rid of this. Any idea is highly appreciated. Thanks!


Cannot move file:

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Windows XP has a better user friendly environment than any other Operating system as far as I am concerned with. The more is the complexity of the software, harder will it be to handle. However it says that the complexities are kept hidden, sit even after that all are business policies. Why not XP?  The later has been debugged better than XP and may have more enhanced features, but many people in the word prefer XP to Vista. In order to solve the problem you may need to kill the process called explorer.exe and then restart the process. This should solve the problem.