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Hi there everyone! The Timex cycle trainer does sound interesting indeed! Can anyone tell me if it is available in the Indian Markets? What is the price tag of this gadget? Give me more information on how to use it. Thanks.

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Timex cycle trainee is made for the GPS bike computer, this is to know you accurate speed, distance and coordinates, it also checks your temperature, and it displays a barometric sensor for live elevation and grade data. It has also a 2.4 heart rate sensor to check the rate of the person who is carrying the device.  It is not only programmed to check on the person but also for the speed of the bike, its cadence and its bike power. The cycle trainee has five screens, data provided by GPS. It is set up with auto start, split, stop and resume. It has 18 hour battery life rechargeable through a mini usb. It is available in the market today for $250. Its available now in every marketplace possible to sell the gadget. Here is a video of the timex cycle trainee hope it will help.