Time changes at each restart.

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I change the time of my computer but it becomes unchanged at each restart.

When I restart my computer it changes the time automatically.

How I can overcome this problem.


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Time changes at each restart.



Hello Dear,

Thanks for sharing your problem. Dear it is so easy to overcome this problem.

It is not a system fault. It seems that your CMOS Battery is over now.

In fact the CMOS battery is a cell which provides the electric current to the CMOS Chip and the BIOS keep the settings saved.

Now the battery is not providing the current to the CMOS so that the settings are not being saved.

So, kindly change the CMOS battery to overcome this problem.


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Time changes at each restart.


Hello Saul,

Sorry for that but i have two possible issues that i have discovered here.

First you will need to go to control panel and looking for the settings for time zones and choose your current region, probably this may sort that out.

If the problem persists, you can just get to you computer hardware and pick out the CMOs battery and replace it with a new. am sure after all this you will not find any problems

this is how it looks like

Thank You


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