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Iam using a Corba server, What are the different threading models used within the corba servers?


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The Component Model (CCM) is the threading model of the is introduced withCORBA3 and describes the framework application & their component.

It is form of Beans Providing 4 components it accepts services through well defined names call ports & also provide abstraction of the component. It is a type of container where software can be deployed. Services offered by container can be used by components. Notification, persistence and authentication are including into the container. These services are mostly used by distributed system by moving implementation to container component complexity is reduced and also useful for reusability.

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In Cobra server, CCM is the most common threading module.  It is available from the 3rd version of Cobra. It provides proper abstraction. It describes the framework application. It also describes the components of application.

It acts like a container where software is deployed. The cobra server is a bit hard to operate.

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