Operating system objectives and Functions

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how operating system control the execution of applications and programs and what ll be operating system objective?


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Operating system objectives and Functions


             Operating system is very important. It helps the application to communicate with the computer hardware. It the middle of the hardware and the application is the operating system. Operating system is the key for both of them (the application and computer hardware) to work with each other. Operating system also makes user life easier, because operating system is one that gives a user interface rather than to use DOS.  So operating system is very important, the hardware of your computer needs it and the application also needs it, it is the government of all computer system.  Hope it gives you an idea.

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Operating system objectives and Functions


Operating System is a package of programs which was installed on a set of hardware before the application. 

Operating System has two main function:

1.  Manage and control the Hardware such as: Processor, VGA card, monitor, sound system, mouse, keyboard, etc.  Operating System lead all hardware, give order to them like: when do they must shut down, placed the mouse cursor on monitor, what sound must come out from loudspeaker, what picture or graphic must seen on the monitor, on which plate of hard disc the information should be placed, etc.

We know various Operating system such as Linux OS, Windows, Apple OS, or even OS for phone like Android, IOS or BlackBerry are Operating System.

2. Manage and control the Program which have special function, such as: word processing, number processing, soundwave processing, graphic processing, browsing the internet, security system, etc.  We know MS Office, Open Office, MP3 Player, Mozilla Firefox, etc, These programs were called Application.

A machine called "Computer" when an operating system put on a package of hardware.  But it  still useless before some application installed in this computer. 

When an application installed on a computer and we use this application, we actually communicate with the machine, and the Operating system is our interpreter.  Operating system translate the information we put  and order computer hardware  to work and process this information. These work result from hardware still in "machine language" which is numeric (even its in binary number).  Then Operating system take the result and translate it through the Application to become something human can understand, like words, picture or sounds.

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