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Several devices are positioned on the motherboard in tactical locations - which are capable of monitoring lizard component temperature. Using this software package, you will see all the sensors and its location.

Using this GUI, you will able to keep track the following:  temperature ranges of the sensor, speed of the fan and voltages in solid-meter.

It is actually helpful to the user especially in diagnosing the systems which is directed towards Sabertooth.


The remote procedure call failed.


Unfortunately, the new available update for this program refused to run. In addition to that, the programming error occurred while updating it. Please see the error that says: The remote procedure call failed.

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I totally got confused on the application you posted. I can’t seem to find its name on the web. If this program is used to monitor your motherboard and the devices attached to it, then maybe you updated it with the wrong version. Check the system requirements of the newly upgraded program if it supports your operating system. If it doesn’t support your current operating system, then you need to download again the installer that supports your operating system.

If you are sure that it is compatible with your machine, try uninstalling it then check your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system. After the disk check, install the program again.

Sharath Reddy