There were build error on Windows 2000

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At times when I try to run my Microsoft Visual C# application from within the IDE, I get a pop up window, checking  if I would like to run the build.

There were build errors. Would you like to continue and run the last successful build?

I have Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition installed on Windows 2003 server SP2.  At the end of the pop up window as shown in the screen shot, there is an option which says “Do not Show this dialog again”

Now I am really confused of how to proceed further. If I click on, do not show will I not be getting this pop window again? and if I don’t get it, then how would I be able to know if there were build errors in future?

Please help

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There were build error on Windows 2000


Hello dear, its not a big issue and don’t worry, there are some security issues with some programs, so to handle those type of problems there are some built-in restrictions in the software itself and then those software do not open directly and gives pop-ups.  So when you can click on the pop-ups,  the box appears.

So, my friend that box is not an error you need to be worried about.  You can click yes on that box without hesitation and also mark that small box following the message, don’t show this message again. It's only a indication that in future whenever, you click the pop-ups, this box will never appear but your program will directly work.

Don’t worry this will never damage your program.



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There were build error on Windows 2000



Do as below:
Select Tools, Options, Projects and Solutions, build  and Run. Then 
set the option "On run, when build or deployment errors  occur" to Prompt
 to Launch.
Please have a look here for some info:
Hope that helps
Have a nice day.

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