Is there ps2 format tool

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 I want a tool to format my ps2 memory card. I have a lot for save games but I need space for the new ones so I need to format it.

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Is there ps2 format tool



Formatting a PS2 memory card is simple. Just start the system without a game disk and access the game utilities sub menu.  Then, select the "new format memory card" option and choose "accept." A warning message will appear.

Select "Yes." The system will automatically format the card. You can check whether or not the format is successful by checking the full memory size of the card.

Also, you can use a tool called MCkiller.

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Is there ps2 format tool



Formatting the PS2 storage device is straightforward. Only start the machine and not using a game disk and also entry the experience tools sub-contract minus. Then, choose the "new data format ram card" solution and also select “accept”.

The caution information leak. Choose "Yes”. The machine can on auto-pilot data format the credit card. You can check set up data format works by simply checking out the total ram dimension with the card.

Best of luck.

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Is there ps2 format tool


Why not try deleting the saved games from the memory card instead rather than re-formatting it. There is actually a problem when you want to re-format a memory card for PlayStation 2. The thing is that there is no manual format option built into the gaming console if the console detects it as an already formatted memory card.

You can always format a brand new memory card but you cannot re-format an already formatted memory card. So, the best thing to do instead of re-formatting the memory card is to delete the contents instead. To delete data from your memory card, first, eject any disc from the console and then insert the memory card. Next, turn on your PlayStation 2 console.

Select Browser. Make sure it is highlighted in light blue then press the blue X button on the right of your controller to select. Highlight your memory card and press X on your controller. You should see the memory card’s contents once it is selected. Next, select the game data you want to delete and press X on your controller.

Take note: if the name of the game appears with a blue cube icon, it means the data is corrupt and cannot be deleted. When you are prompted, select Delete and confirm with Yes. When you are finished, exit the screen by pressing the triangle button. The last option if you really want to re-format your memory card is to use the Holiday 2004 Demo Disc.

It has a major bug which automatically formats any memory card inserted into the game console.

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