Thunderbird could not install the file at

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I downloaded and installed Thunderbird  last week and tried to installed it to my laptop.

But the following error message encounters during the installation process and consequently the installation was not successful.

How can I resolve the problem?


Thunderbird could not install the file at


because: Unexpected installation error

Review the error Console log for more details-203




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Thunderbird could not install the file at


There are two possibilities here, Either you don't have the permission to install in the computer or your downloaded software is corrupted.

Solution 1: If your are not the administrator of the computer, then you are not entitled to do anything in the computer, unless the administrator give you the same level of his account or you belong to the power users. To fix this, ask for permission to install the software or give you the right access to do it yourself.

Solution 2: Download the software once again and try installing it and see if there might be some corrupted files. You might also consider reinstalling the browser associated with Thunderbird more specifically Mozilla Firefox.

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Thunderbird could not install the file at


Hi Francisca,

I will advice that you try downloading thunderbird from their official website. The link is written below:

Maybe you have downloaded a damaged or corrupt installer. Try the link above for a free thunderbird download.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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