Error occurred when launching BlueZone

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I have both Internet explorer and Netscape but neither of these can launch the BlueZone printer session. They both present an error image shown below. Is there a driver that am required to install or maybe update?

Error message:

Unable to load library RTN3270E.DLL

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Error occurred when launching BlueZone


I think you are doing it wrong. BlueZone sessions don’t need the web browser when you want to start either a display session or a printer session. You use the program you install to start BlueZone sessions and not your web browser. To start a session, click Start, All Programs then point to the BlueZone program group.

Click the program associated with the BlueZone component you installed. When the program starts, the first session to load is marked as P1 for printer session or S1 for display session. If you open another session, it will be assigned to the next available session number. You can start additional sessions from File, Open Session then select the session type to start.

You can also set BlueZone to start multiple sessions when starting a master session. To allow auto launch, click File, Properties then check the boxes and select session types for as many as four extra sessions.

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