Is there a program to enlarge text for Linux server?

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Hello good people!

I am having a website that is running on a Linux server. The text on the website are small, as some people claim. Is there a program to enlarge text so that I leave the website the way it is but have an option for someone to enlarge the text in case they are not able to read them well? Please advise accordingly. Thanks.

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Is there a program to enlarge text for Linux server?



The two most common options for users are:

  • Pressing on Ctrl and + to make things bigger, and Ctrl and – to make text smaller
  • Or, if they are using a mouse with the scroll wheel like the one below, they can hold down the Ctrl key and scroll up to make text bigger, and scroll down to make it smaller.

If you are into editing your site, just do the following. Place a .fonts.conf inside your home dir and it should contain the following:


  <match target="font">

    <test name="family" compare="eq"><string>Arial</string></test>

    <test name="pixelsize" compare="eq"><double>12</double></test>

    <edit name="pixelsize" mode="assign"><double>13</double></edit>





If it happens to all fonts, you can try this out instead: Wrench > Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Web Content > Font Size. 


Hope this helps! 

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Is there a program to enlarge text for Linux server?


Hello Hamilton Honny,

As far as the text enlargement and size is involved, it does not matter what kind of server you are using whether Linux, Windows, etc. It is just the matter of the settings and definitions that you have set in your website code lines or the settings you are using in your CMS (Content Management System/Service). It may have different reasons:

1. The size you have defined in the font in your website is not defined in the destination (end user) system or PC, depending on the font you have chosen.

1.1. Try to use more common fonts if you have not.

2. The end user is using a browser which its settings and zooming in/out is active to show the whole page in one piece.

Let me give you a simple example:

Suppose you are writing in the Office Word document with the font in a size of 12, whoever opens this document will view the text you have written with same size you have defined, which is 12, but there is another way of course to view (not changing the font size); the user, who wants to view the text in a larger mode can:

Zoom in/out

Let’s not fall off the track here; different browsers mostly use the same method to zoom in/out:

1. To zoom in: Ctrl and + keys must be pressed respectively

2. To zoom out: Ctrl and – keys must be pressed respectively.

Note: the user can do the same procedure by using the mouse: Ctrl + Mouse Scroll up/down whether he/she wants to zoom in/out.

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