Is there an online spell and grammar check?

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Hallo good people.

I am a both a technical and creative writer who uses the internet a lot for carrying out my projects. To cut the long story short, I have changed computers due to the fact that I am not assigned a particular computer for my works. At times I find it difficult carrying out spelling and grammar checking since I do not have the spell and grammar checker installed in all the computers. Is there a free online spell and grammar check tool that I can use to avoid installation of the application?

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Is there an online spell and grammar check?


Hello Gran,

There are plenty of online grammar checkers, but I highly recommend only two:



And if by any chance you found a computer that you'll work with for a long time Ginger has a software you can download and install easily and get it embedded with your writing software like MS Office and browsers.

Note that both sites provide totally free spell checking and as an option you can buy a premium account for more optional preferences that are not essential for your work.

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Is there an online spell and grammar check?


I think you don’t need to install a separate application for checking the grammar & spelling you used. Just install Microsoft Word, any version will help you to do that or will be good if you install the whole MS Office package. This application automatically help you to check the spelling of the word you are typing as well its grammar. But in this regard there are many online tools which were also good. Here I am providing you some online reliable tools.

1. Spell Checker Plus: It is an intelligently designed grammar tool and mostly free browser based as well can understands formats used by MS Word.

2. Grammarly: This is a lightning fast tool, will scan your text properly using more than 250 advanced grammar rules, and help you to write perfectly. It’s technology reviews & improves your writing and within 60 seconds see what pesky grammar mistakes you have done in your text!

3. Ginger: This tools helps you to correct your typo, phonetic mistakes, severe spelling mistakes as well as misused words based on the text of a sentence. It’s a great to me.

If you want more tool and more information about Online Spelling Checker you can visit another Techyv post: The 13 Most Useful Grammar Checking Tools

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