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I'm using windows XP, When running .vbs files receive an error "There is no script engine for file extension" .

Can I repair the Error and running .vbs files? And how can I register the vbscript.dll file? Please add pictures in solutions.

Thank you.

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Concerning this kind of error message, well, this is predicted conduct When I noticed that you place both 'script' and also '. bat' in this control. Cscript.exe cannot work together with '.bat' files, this supports VBScript (.vbs) and also Jscript (.js). Make sure you have a look at the following write-up for a few common details:

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This error occurred because your windows doesn’t have the script file to read it. Follow the instruction to recover it,

1.Go to the folder “c:\WINDOWS\system32”

2. Now check whether there is an application named “WScript.exe” or not.

3. If it is exist then create a folder and select “Tools” then “Folder option”.

4. Now search for VBS in File Types Tab

5. Change it to Wscript.exe file

 Now download the file from the link given below and install it.

Hope your problem will be solved.