Volume control is grayed out

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My computer was recently attached by a virus that destructs my system, so I decided to reformat for me to start anew.

Everything else is going great except for one. My sound system does not work.

I am using a Windows XP Service Pack 2 machine and a Realtek device.

I do not know if I missed anything right after the reformat, but I am sure that the Realtek Audio driver was installed already.

I have checked the Device Manager, and it shows that my Audio device is working properly, but when I clicked on the volume control, it is grayed out.

Checked the Sound and Audio Devices and it is grayed out as well.

Need help please.


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Volume control is grayed out



I have read the issue that you have with the volume of your computer and here are the steps that you can do to resolve it.

1.   Let’s click start menu.

2.   Click Run.

3.   Type services.msc.

4.   Look for Windows Audio and double click on it.

5.   The StartUp type should be selected as Automatic.

6.   The Startup Status should be selected Started and if not click start at the upper left side of the screen or by simply right-clicking it.

If the above solution didn’t resolve the issue that simply means that the sound card of the computer must be having issues.

In order for us to check it, here are the steps:

1.   Click Start.

2.   Click Run (start search for Windows vista and search programs and files for Windows 7).

3.   Type: devmgmt.msc.

4.   Click OK or hit ENTER.

Note: Another way to open Device Manager:

1.   Click Start.

2.   Click Control Panel.

3.   Click Performance and Maintenance.

4.   Click System.

5.   Click the Hardware tab.

6.   Click Device Manager.

The Device Manager Window will load up and here are the next solutions:

1.   Look for the sound card installed on the computer and then Double-click the device or the sound card.

2.   Right-click the sound card.

3.   Click Properties.

4.   On the General tab, under Device status is a description of the device, status. If the device is having issues, you will see signs right on top of the sound card.

5.   For you know the information on how to resolve hardware device problems, click Troubleshoot to start the Hardware Troubleshooter.


1.   The Black exclamation point (!) on a yellow field or triangle is indicating the device is in a problem state like limited or no connectivity. Note that a device that is in a problem state can be functioning and needs to be updated or re-installed using the installation disc.

2.   The red "X" indicates a disabled device or not functioning device. This device is physically present in the computer and is consuming resources, but does not
Have a protected-mode driver loaded or installed so that means that it needs to be uninstalled and re-installed using the right software.

3.   A blue "i" on a white field indicates that the Use Automatic Settings feature is not selected for the device and that the resource was manually selected and that this does not indicate a problem or disabled device issue.

4.   A green question mark "?"in Device Manager means that a compatible driver.

For this device is installed but not all functionality will be available.

These signs are errors on the device/sound card that needs to be checked by a local computer technician so that it will be resolved by the right software to be downloaded for the certain device to be functioning properly again. All of this information can be of help to the issue that you have.

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Volume control is grayed out


Thank you so much man,

Recently virus got into my PC and destroyed all the settings. Almost each function in my PC is dead now.

 The great problem is that the volume function, but it got now solved.

Thank you so much man.

Thanks to techyv.com also


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Volume control is grayed out


Hello dear,

It seems that you have not installed a sound driver.

Whenever we reformat our systems and install new Windows, then all of our drivers delete, and after installing Windows we have to re-install all of our drivers.

You have not installed A sound driver.
Here I am going to give you the method to install a driver.
You should note the model number of your sound chip and search for it on this website:
You will find the driver, now download it and enjoy.

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