Alternative Software for Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editing software that I have seen. You need to buy a license to use it. I want to be able to edit photos for free that has the Photoshop functionalities.

The reason why I don’t want to buy a license is because I will only use the pictures to be posted on Facebook and other sites. I tried looking on the internet but didn’t find any.

I would also use it to create banners for the website I am promoting. Creating different designs will be fun. It will be more fun if it’s free.

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Alternative Software for Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is indeed a powerful software wherein you can manipulate images, but it requires you to have a license, which is costly. Here are six free photo editor software that you can consider as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop:


This software enables its user to easily edit images with basic tools such as crop, rotate, brighten, and the like. Moreover, it supports multiple image formats, which is a basic feature for any photo editing software. Its interface allows the user to work at ease and navigate through the screen in a convenient way. Website:

2. Artweaver

Just like Adobe Photoshop, Artweaver features different brushes and pens that can be used to illustrate images. Whether you illustrate an image from an existing image, or create a new one, it can be easily done with this software. If you are familiar with the interface of Photoshop, then navigating through the interface of Artweaver would be no problem at all, because both interfaces are similar. Website:

3. Active Pixels

Active Pixels is a photo editing tool that is used to enhance, edit, and manipulate an image. Its interface resembles that of Photoshop, by the way the tools are grouped, and the placing of the toolbars on screen. An advantage in using this program would be that it does not require its users to be advanced or experienced image editors. Beginners can work comfortably using this software as it provides simple tools for photo editing.

4. Photobie

A photo editing software like Photobie can be used by both beginners and professionals, as it combines simple tools to more advanced tools. What makes this software unique, is that it enables you to create 3D images, as well as animate them. Photobie, however, is not recommended for beginners because the tools and features can be complicated to use without enough experience in photo editing, although it looks a lot like Photoshop. Website:


The GNU Image Manipulation Program is a photo editing software can be used by both amateur and professional users. The software features tools such as layers, text, and color adjustments that are essential to any photo editing software. Plus, this software has a neat and user-friendly interface that is appealing to its users. Website:

6. RealWorld Paint

RealWorld Paint is like a combination of Photoshop and Paint. It allows the user to create a new image or edit an existing image. In addition to that, tools that are found in Photoshop can also be found in this software: layer, masks, image enhancements (shadow, blur, etc.), and such. Website:

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Alternative Software for Adobe Photoshop



There's a photo editing program that comes with the Microsoft Office, its Microsoft Office Picture Manager. It’s a basic photo editing program, so it would just satisfy you if your pictures to be edited are only for Facebook post.

There is also an online that allows photo editing for free. Open this link. Click on "Get Started" and then you can choose to either upload a picture from your computer or connect picnik with your Facebook and get the photo from there that you want to edit.


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