Error with Adobe Illustrator when using Bristle Brush paths and transparency

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Hello Experts,

I was using Adobe Illustrator to do artwork when I was saving my file, I got this error message.  I did use a lot Bristle Brush paths and transparency.  I just pressed the button OK, and it seemed to work fine.  Did I do something wrong? 

I hope someone from this forum would clarify the message. 


Adobe Illustrator

The document you are currently printing contains multiple Bristle Brush Path with transparency.

A large number of such objects can make the document too complex to print.  You can reduce complexity and retain appearance by selecting Bristle Brush paths and rasterizing.

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Error with Adobe Illustrator when using Bristle Brush paths and transparency


You should have known by now that the performance of the Adobe illustrator rely on many factors including, the options you select, your work flow and the operating system's hardware's configurations. I hope you also have installed the latest version of Adobe illustrator. Configure your system to run efficiently by doing this you will be increasing the memory available for applications and this will ensure smooth running  ensure you quit applications that you aren't using. Install only the fonts that you need to use this improves your system's performance as the RAM used depends on the fonts installed. Set your printer as a postscript printer driver and ensure it is set as a default on Mac OSX. Connect the printer to your computer via a network or direct. To print in illustrator using a default choose print, then choose the printer from the printer menu, choose done to either close or print to get your document printed.This helps a great deal to avoid print errors.

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