Texture Fill Rate of My Graphics Card Inquiry

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I want to know the texture fill rate of my graphics card right down to the decimal figures. For my gpu xfx 9600 GT the shaders are 48 and it is a 256 bit card. These specifications are similar to those of 9600 gso. The gpu z 0.4.5 has given me the figures of 19.2 gtexels for texture fill rate, while the gpu z version 0.4.9 which happens to be latest version of the software has given the number of 14.4 gtexels for the texture fill rate of my card. I want to know whether I can trust this value or the old one. Can you recommend any other software for checking this? Thank you. 

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Texture Fill Rate of My Graphics Card Inquiry



The texture fill rate of a graphic card is calculated by (core clock)x(no of TMU's)
9600GT has 32  texture units and 650MHz graphics clock. Therefore it has Texture Fill Rate of 20800 MTexels/sec (20.8 gtexels)
Practically these values can be different from actual values due to your PC's hardware and software condition. The actual working texture fill rate you get depends on how much your graphics card used by other applications and services at that time.
It is a common issue in GPU-Z to provide different  values for texture fill rate.  TechPowerUp releases new versions of GPU-Z by fixing bugs and adding support for specific GPU's. Try the latest version of  GPU-Z (GPU-Z v0.6.2) in order to get better results.
There are many other GPU information utilities you can try. For GeForce graphic cards latest version of NVIDIA Inspector is recommended. But some of these utilities may not give information about texture fill rate directly.

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